Shila Mathew, MD

Board Certified Psychiatrist, Medical Acupuncture, Integrative Medicine

About Our Theme Photo and Logo

In case you are wondering, the picture is carefully selected to describe our unique theme.

You have several choices in health and each have their role. Western Medicine is very prominent and main stream like the fountain in the middle of the photo. In fact most of the people will be attracted to it because it is very visible as in case of the fountain.

However, this could make you miss lot of things away from the limelight. Those pretty water lilies don't grow in the middle where water is constantly disturbed. They prefer a quiet corner. However, they do consume some of the energy dissipated by the mainstream. Acupuncture and many oriental medicine are like that - away from the main stream, not getting much attention, but nevertheless effective. Once you know them, you will be attracted to them. Notice that once you "see" those pretty lilies you are magnetically attracted to them.

Now why did we choose water Lily as our them instead of the traditional Lotus, which is universally used in Chinese mythology? Precisely because of that. We want to be a bit different than the mainstream. Water Lilies and Lotus have many things in common; but we think that water lilies are pretty; it provides us with a unique identity and we will be glad to be known by its mesmerizing beauty. This is not to take anything away from the Lotus.

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